The Kapi Dance

Mylapore Rap

Loka Samasta (feat. Aruna Sairam)

Alai Paayuthe (feat. Rajani Sridhar)

Dwijavanthi Thillana

Samaja Vara Gamana

Shape of You (Carnatic Mix)

Swarabindu Thillana



Mahesh Raghvan is a renowned music producer and live performer who has changed the face of Carnatic fusion music over the last decade. Best known for his fresh and unique music created using an iPad, Mahesh possesses extensive experience in culminating soulful Indian Classical Music with modern digital elements. A social media sensation with over a million followers on YouTube and Facebook, Mahesh is respectably trademarked for his creations on the app ‘Geoshred’ and has received over 8M+ views for his original compositions alone. In addition, his iconic Carnatic fusion music and Indian style pop covers are hugely popular amongst audiences of all age groups. His music goes beyond just the ears and ultimately leaves the audiences wanting more.

Mahesh’s parents discovered early on his innate passion and appreciation for music. He started learning South Indian Classical (Carnatic) music from the age of 3 under his aunt Indira Krishnan. Blending different kinds of music from multiple cultural influences was always very exciting for him, and that is what motivated him to dabble with several instruments such as the piano, guitar, and synthesizer during his developmental years. He went on to complete 8 Grades in Keyboard and Music Theory from the Trinity College of Music, thus achieving mastery over the instrument.

He holds a BA in Audio Production from SAE Dubai as well as an MSc in Digital Composition and Performance from The University of Edinburgh. This strong foundation in Indian & Western classical music as well as music technology, combined with his experimental ideas became the catalyst for Mahesh to build a large inventory of musical creations as a distinguished artist.

Mahesh has been collaborating with some of the most illustrious names in Indian Classical and World Music and has been one of the key names in the genre of Indian Fusion. To date, Mahesh is part of two bands titled Carnatic 2.0 and The Thayir Sadam Project, and is the Creative Director of IndianRaga: an organization that promotes Indian Fine Arts.

Alongside composing and performing, Mahesh serves on the Board of Advisors for Livdemy and has been a lecturer of Music Production at various Universities. He is married to Nandini Shankar, a well-known Hindustani Classical Violinist, whom he also composes and performs with. When he's not working, Mahesh enjoys cooking, traveling, continuously staying updated on the intricacies of music, science, and technology trends.


Here below is a selection of Mahesh's original works, Follow his Youtube, Facebook & Instagram pages for more.

An original fusion track in the the raag Khamaj, composed and performed with Nandini Shankar (well-known Hindustani classical violinist, and Mahesh's wife).

A fresh take on Carnatic Vocal Percussion (Konnakol). Produced as a Carnatic 2.0 original track along with band members Akshay Anantapadmanabhan, Sharanya Srinivas and Shravan Sridhar.

This is an upbeat mix of two raagas Reetigowla and Kalyani with elements from world music, composed in collaboration with Flute Navin. Produced as part of the Marghazhi Reloaded fusion music series.

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The Hits

Here below are some of Mahesh's most popular tunes and covers.

This is by far Mahesh's most popular cover, which is his classical style interpretation of the Harry Potter Theme played on the app GeoShred.

Mahesh is probably most popular for producing the Carnatic Mix of Shape of You, as part of an IndianRaga collaboration with Aditya Rao and Vinod Krishnan.

The Kapi Dance is Mahesh's most popular original fusion track in the Carnatic Raaga Kapi or the Hindustani Raag Mishra Pilu, composed and performed with Nandini Shankar.

Mahesh's version of this classic Tamil composition by Ootukkadu Venkata Kavi, featuring Rajani Sridhar has been extremely popular across all age groups. It has also been featured in movies and ads.

This is one of the most popular covers of Despacito on the internet, and it features Praveen Prathapan on Flute and Janan Sathiendran on Tabla.

This is a new-age version of a traditional Swathi Thirunal Composition. Mahesh had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the renowned vocalist Kalyani Menon for this project.

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